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Save what matters, pass it on when it's time.

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It's like a black box
for your everyday life.
Keep your important details safe and be there for significant others,
even if something unexpected happens.
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First things first:
Your Data Security
Your notes are saved only on your device or your personal cloud like Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud. We don't keep them on our servers.We’re fully GDPR-compliant.

Lost your phone or someone tries to sneak into your cloud? No worries. Your notes have strong AES encryption, making them virtually unbreakable.
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Keep What Matters Safe:
Organize important information. Just in case
At any moment, you can create a note with essential information, such as details about your bank accounts, insurance policies, health, cryptoassets, or family matters.

Rest assured, as long as you're well, only you can access them. Periodic checks ensure your well-being with a mere click, so your dear ones are informed only when truly necessary.
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Pass It On Right:
You Decide Who Gets Your Notes
If anything happens to you, LegacyApp will safely share your private notes only with the person you choose.

We have developed a special, secure mechanism to ensure your notes are delivered at the right time and only to the right person, as specified by you.
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Guarded by Friends:
Your Trusted Circle Checks In
To ensure your notes are delivered to the right person only after your passing, you can designate three or more Trusted Friends in LegacyApp.

If you stop responding to the "I am OK" notification, the app will contact your Trusted Friends to check on your well-being. The process of transferring access to your notes will only be initiated once at least two Trusted Friends confirm something has happened to you.
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I never realized the peace of mind LegacyApp would bring until I set it up. Knowing my loved ones will have the info they need, just when they need it, is priceless. Alicia W.

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LegacyApp isn’t just an app; it's a promise to my family. The Trusted Friends feature made me feel so much more secure about my data's handling. David L.

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LegacyApp seamlessly blends into my life. I love how it checks on me and ensures my data is only shared at the right time. It's so simple, yet so powerful. Miguel V.

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Setting up LegacyApp made me reflect on what's essential. Now, I'm confident that if something unexpected happens, the right people will get the right information. Sasha R

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With LegacyApp, I've turned my scattered notes into a secure legacy for my family. It's more than an app; it’s a bridge to my loved ones in times they might need it most. Priya K.

Frequently Asked Questions
Below are the top 5 questions most commonly asked about LegacyApp before installation.
Most of LegacyApp's features are free. We show occasional ads to support our work and the app's development. If you enjoy our app, please spread the word! For an ad-free experience, acquire Premium Codes from our esteemed partners.
With LegacyApp, you choose a check-in frequency, ranging from 1 hour to 2 weeks. For instance, if you pick weekly check-ins at 10 a.m. on Saturdays, we'll prompt you with an "I am OK" notification. Simply confirm using your PIN or biometric security. If you miss confirming, we'll email you the next week as a reminder (maybe you lost your phone or just forgot). If you still don't respond after another week, we'll either contact your Trusted Friends for confirmation about your well-being or begin the process of informing your chosen Beneficiary.

Easy to follow steps:

  1. Setup: When you set up LegacyApp, you'll enter the Beneficiary's best email address.
  2. Notification: If the app confirms you're not okay, your Beneficiary will get an email (we'll resend if needed) containing a unique link and instructions to create their password.
  3. Downloading the App: They will need to download LegacyApp and log in using your app credentials, which we'll provide. They'll use the password they just set.
  4. Secret Phrase: On successful login, they'll get a hint from you, displayed in the app, to help them decipher the secret phrase securing your backup. It might be something like, "Where did we first kiss?" or simply "It's in envelope with our lawyer". You decide where you want to keep it!. Ensure they can figure it out. While the phrase should be robust, our tech further strengthens it.
  5. Accessing the Data: After entering the phrase, the app fetches a small encrypted file from our server, pointing to your backup's location. It will download and decrypt the backup. The Beneficiary sees the data in a view-only format – no edits or deletions allowed.
You can store any vital information your loved ones might need. Consider this: Do they know all your insurance policies? Bank details? The actual cost of gadgets you own? Perhaps you have cryptocurrency investments and a hidden password stash? Input info as you think of it, either as a note or a snapshot. However, for security, don't pair logins with their passwords in one entry. While we trust our security measures, it's always good to be cautious against potential prying eyes or accidental exposure.
Our confidence lies in our unique encryption system. LegacyApp uses a two-part password approach:

Your Secret Phrase: Something personal and known only to you and your chosen Beneficiary.

Randomized Code: A robust 96-character random sequence generated by us. Think of these as two halves of a key: the secret phrase won't work by itself, and neither will the randomized code. Even if someone somehow accesses your backup on your private cloud AND hacks our server for the random code, they still can't decrypt your data. Likewise, if they discover your secret phrase from a hidden spot in your home, it won't unlock anything without the corresponding code and the correct circumstances. In short: it's designed to be virtually impenetrable.